About Load Springs by One Guy Garage

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About Load Springs by One Guy Garage

Load Springs the story

As you can see we are providing a specific product on behalf of One Guy Garage auto parts. One Guy Garage auto parts is located in Lethbridge Alberta at 3213 2 Ave N and offers parts for all Trucks, Cars, SUV's, Heavy duty, and all kinds of items for the garage and shop. 

We realized that certain products demanded more attention to detail in order to properly explain what they do and how they function. As such we decided it best to create a website to provide complete information on how load helper springs can help you to Get Work Done!

Load Springs is a part of One Guy Garage so how did One Guy Garage start?

Well there is another brand out there that also operates under the One Guy Garage umbrella - Hot Rod fuel hose. The Hot Rod fuel hose brand is really how this story get's going. 

After receiving an 1980 C10 truck from my father and spending many years working to get a restoration finished on this build it came time to complete the fuel system on the truck as we were installing an EFI conversion. The local parts store was charging an astronomical price for the AN style lines that we wanted to use and we figured there had to be a better way. 

Samples, production, and creating Hot Rod fuel hose

We ordered samples from many different manufacturers, as well as existing products on the market and started grading the quality, fit, finish and value. Once we were happy we went all in and place a large opening order to get the price right to pass the best value onto our customers. Hot Rod fuel hose has now been in operation since 2017 and shipped over 10, 000 orders across North America, Canada, and the world. 

Requests for different auto parts, products, and solutions

As we operated Hot Rod fuel hose customers began to really like the service we provided too them and along the way they started asking us about where to get different items like brakes, struts, load helper springs, efi systems and more. In order to better help these customers find a complete solution with great service we opened the first One Guy Garage auto parts store at 3213 2 Ave N In Lethbridge. 

One Guy Garage auto parts continues to work hard at providing great value and service. 

With new product lines being added to the store, one line in particular caught our eye as needing some greater attention. Guys love there trucks, and they love them even more when the perform and deliver at a peak level. We brought in Timbren load helper springs and the customers that have purchased them so far have been raving about the performance and value they offer. Because of this we decided to create loadsprings.com and Load Springs by One Guy Garage

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Load Helper Springs we have the knowledge and the products to Get Work Done!

Simply put we are here to help you Get Work Done! Load helper springs improve your trucks handling, reduces sag, and improves the ride quality when hauling heavy loads or towing big trailers. Load helper springs can also be put to use when you attach a heavy snow plow to your truck. 

Choose Load Springs by One Guy Garage to Get Work Done!